In the wake of her son’s abuse drama Sonia Mbele has been trending on social media and not in a good way.

The actress released a statement on Tuesday saying she doesn’t support what her son did to his girlfriend Reokeditswe Makete.

Sonia detailed how she was involved with an abusive boyfriend in her early years and how that affected her,she said she was sad that Reokeditswe did not feel the need to come to her about her son because she has always been there.

Musa Khawula who has now started a YouTube channel didn’t waste time rubbishing Sonia’s statement saying she used her story to overshadow the real problem, and that is her son’s abusive behaviour.

The controversial blogger reckons Sonia knew of her son’s pitbull nature and now she is doing damage control because Rea went public with it.

“She is throwing her ex boyfriend from the past under the bridge,” Musa said on the video.

Sonia Mbele
Sonia Mbele. Image: Instagram

Reokeditswe released horrible visuals of herself with a black eye and bruises. A live video of her crying and detailed how Donell had access to her accounts and subsequently deleted the posts where she was exposing him of the abuse.

Donell Mbele used to be an actor on Generations playing the role of Queen Moroka’s son Prince Moroka.

The stories detailed about his abusive nature are scary to say the least.

Sonia said that her son will have to face his demons and the law for his behaviour.

“I refuse to raise a man like his father”

Her statement has been welcomed by many South Africans who took to social media to call out Shauwn Mkhize who had a different approach a few months ago when her son Andile Mpisane was called out as an abuser by ex girlfriend and baby mama Sithelo Shozi.

MamKhize came out and defended her son saying there are two sides to every story, the public feels that she should learn from the Sonias of this world.

Watch Musa Khawula call Sonia Mbele’s statement a bad damage control campaign:

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