Musa Khawula accuses Lamiez Holworthy of beating Khuli Chana-Image Source@X

South African social media was set abuzz when prominent gossip commentator Musa Khawula made an alarming accusation on X (formerly Twitter). Khawula claimed that well-known radio host Lamiez Holworthy physically abuses her husband, the famed rapper Khuli Chana.

In a tweet coinciding with Lamiez Holworthy’s 32nd birthday celebration, Musa Khawula posted a picture of the DJ and wrote, “Lamiez Holworthy, who reportedly beats her husband Khuli Chana, celebrates her 32nd birthday today.”

Reactions from the Public

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The internet was quick to respond, with many South Africans expressing shock and disbelief. Some questioned the veracity of Khawula’s claims, while others hinted at potential legal repercussions for the gossipmonger. Here are a few notable reactions:

  • @AuntyScoobyDoo: “Another lawsuit loading 😫”
  • @TheGeopol: “Do you have evidence of Lamiez abusing Khuli Chana? That’s a serious GBV case. Men, beware of dating women taller than you.”
  • @B_Yandaa: “Musa never runs out of things to say. It’s laughable because it’s him.”
  • @azania1023: “No one can make me dislike you, Musa 🤣🤣. But how will you pay for all these lawsuits?”
  • @LesegoAries: “I want her to come and beat the crap out of you.”
  • @CSEOKE_01: “The scariest part is that Musa rarely lies 😲”

Support from Khuli Chana

Contrasting sharply with Khawula’s accusations, Khuli Chana recently posted a heartfelt birthday message to his wife on Instagram. He praised Lamiez as his “Vogueing Queen,” “best friend,” and “biggest BLESSING.”

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“Happy birthday to my Vogueing Queen, my Wife, MmaBanake, my best friend, and my biggest BLESSING. Thank you for shining your light in my life @lamiez_holworthy. I love you Wamzie,” Khuli Chana wrote.

As of the time of writing, Lamiez Holworthy has not publicly responded to the allegations made by Musa Khawula.

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