Murdah Bongz gets emotional-Image Source@TwitterMurdah Bongz gets emotional-Image Source@Twitter

Murdah Bongz Caught Crying on Stage – Emotional Moment Goes Viral

Renowned DJ Murdah Bongz, formerly a member of the popular music group Black Motion, shocked fans during a recent show when he was spotted shedding tears on stage. Known for his energetic performances and skillful deck-jumping, Bongz typically exudes excitement throughout his sets.

A Surprising Turn of Events: Murdah Bongz’s Tearful Performance

However, this particular gig took an unexpected turn as Bongz, while dancing, turned his back to the audience and subtly wiped his teary eyes with a face towel. The emotional moment was captured by attendees and swiftly made its way to various social media platforms.

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Speculations Surface: Does Murdah Bongz Miss Black Motion?

Given Bongz’s departure from Black Motion, social media users were quick to jump to conclusions, suggesting that the DJ might be longing for his former music group. The outpouring of sympathy and concern from fans further fueled these speculations.

Murdah Bongz Clarifies: Tears of Joy and Freedom

Taking to his Instagram account, Murdah Bongz addressed the emotional incident and provided clarification regarding his tears. In a caption accompanying a video clip of his tearful performance, he wrote, “Does it look like I need to go back over here? #tearsofjoyandfreedom.”

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Murdah Bongz
Murdah Bongz-Image Source@Twitter

A Tumultuous Departure: Murdah Bongz’s Exit from Black Motion

It should be noted that Murdah Bongz officially left Black Motion last year. However, the separation was marred by legal troubles, as Bongz found himself entangled in a court case concerning theft allegations.

Despite the challenging circumstances surrounding his departure, Murdah Bongz continues to pursue his solo career, captivating audiences with his unique style and undeniable talent. While his recent emotional display has sparked curiosity and speculation, the DJ remains focused on his journey forward.

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