Nelson Mandela and Bill Gates-Image Source@InstagramNelson Mandela and Bill Gates-Image Source@Instagram

Multi-billionaire Bill Gates Shares How Much Nelson Mandela Inspired Him

Nelson Mandela is one of the most prominent South Africans, and most people consider him the national father. He worked tirelessly until his last day to see democracy in South Africa and worldwide. His hard work meant that Mandela had to deal with and integrate with many other countries, and they appreciated him.

Bill Gates on Nelson Mandela Day

Despite all the praise from many South Africans, Bill Gates’ message on Nelson Mandela Day impressed South Africans. He spoke at large of the works Mandela did and said of the commitment that inspired him.

Mandela Inspired Bill Gates

Bill Gates and his family-Image Source@Instagram
Bill Gates and his family-Image Source@Instagram

Sharing on Instagram, Bill Gates details Nelson Mandela’s courage and wisdom, saying it changed the world. “Nelson Mandela’s courage and wisdom changed the world.” said Gates. He said Nelson Mandela’s leadership in battling HIV/AIDS inspired him.

Nelson Mandela’s Legacy

He also said he remembered him for the lives he touched and the legacy he left saying. “His leadership in battling HIV/AIDS still inspires me. I’m remembering him today for the lives he touched, the difference he made, and the legacy he left.”

Bill Gates’ Humanitarian Work

The Microsoft co-founder is not only a man who talks without doing action. Nelson Mandela inspired him, and Bill Gates did much humanitarian work worldwide. In 2022, he gave $5 billion to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to back its work in global health, development, policy and advocacy and the U.S. Besides helping through Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Bill also does a lot of charity work in many ways. He also inspires many young entrepreneurs and he does help and mentor them a lot.

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