Emtee-Image Source(Instagram)Emtee-Image Source(Instagram)

Emtee, the renowned rapper with multiple awards to his name, has once again captured the headlines, this time due to a recent road accident he was involved in over the past weekend. Fans and media in Mzansi have been eager to piece together the details surrounding the incident.

Confirmation via Social Media

Shortly after the accident, Emtee took to social media to confirm the news. He used the platform to clarify the incident and express his feelings about the aftermath.

Emtee Disputing False Claims about the accident

Emtee revealed that the individual allegedly responsible for the accident had been spreading a false narrative that had tarnished his reputation. The false claim suggested that Emtee had threatened the other driver with a gun. Emtee, however, vehemently refuted these allegations, mentioning that while he was tempted to confront the reckless driver, he chose not to resort to violence.

Emtee in car accident
Emtee-Image Source@instagram

Past Controversies and Struggles

This isn’t the first time Emtee has made headlines this year. He previously garnered attention due to a highly publicized dispute with his spouse that ended up in court. Their marital issues became a hot topic of discussion among fans and media.

Emtee also opened up about a rare medical condition that adversely affected his voice, causing him to cancel public appearances and raising concerns for his well-being. He candidly admitted to feeling like his body was shutting down, leaving him perplexed about the mysterious ailment.

Recently, he again made waves on social media with a cozy performance alongside Pearl Thusi, further cementing his presence in the limelight. The actress had voiced her plans to join the music industry and work with the rapper.



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