Mpho Letsholonyane Shares Her Heartbreaking Experience With Miscarriage

On occasion, Maboi is known to be a mischievous character in view of the nature she puts herself out there. There were a few cases when she stood out as truly newsworthy on account of her marriage. Nonetheless, this is normal when you are a VIP. Aside from being before cameras, she is likewise a pleased mother and spouse. She generally balances the two since they are indispensable to her. Additionally, this is the thing that every other person does.

As a media personality, Mpho Letsholonyane, on occasion, stands out as truly newsworthy; both great and awful. A year ago, the anecdote about her conventional wedding was all the rage. The wedding was stunning to the point that individuals couldn’t quit discussing it unexpectedly early.

Likewise, the radio host lashed out at a couple of individuals via social media platforms, who claimed that her significant other was revolting in the looks department, and she just pretended to harbor passionate feelings for him since he is affluent.

Mpho and Hubby

Finally, she moved now and then back as a result of her fight with a colleague at work. Nonetheless, the contention was addressed privately, and everything proceeded onward easily.

Most recently, Mpho opened up about a heartbreaking experience she had to endure whilst trying to conceive at the age of 28. The star and mother of one had the following on her Twitter platform,

“Oh happy day! Today my boy turns. Still can’t believe that I went from being told that I’d never be able to conceive at age 17 because endometriosis, managing to conceive and then suffering a miscarriage at age 28 to now celebrating 9 years of life with this young man.”

Mpho Letsholonyane

She further went on to caution people who quiz women about not having children at a ‘certain’ age saying,
Then people recklessly ask you when you’re having another child. Kwaaa. You got jokes!! You got NO clue how much pain it took for me to even get to this 1 This is why we ask that you don’t go around asking people when they’re having children, it’s not always a smooth journey.”
Mpho Letsholonyane
She concluded her storytime by wishing love to all parents and sending best wishes to those couples who may be facing medical issues as well.
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