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Moving On| Phelo Removes Tattooed Wedding Ring As Moshe Finds New Love

Phelo recently opened up about his unsuccessful marriage to Moshe during a candid conversation with his friend and actress Charmaine Mtinta on The Bala Family.

As they caught up, he expressed his reflections on the conclusion of their relationship.

Taking a significant step forward, Phelo revealed to Charmaine that he had decided to conceal the tattooed wedding ring he once shared with Moshe, emphasizing that it was a symbolic gesture representing his readiness to embrace a new chapter in life.

“I can’t have this thing on my finger and continue with my life. I am heartbroken and I am hurt that it didn’t work out. I really did love him and I still do. All he could’ve said was ‘Phelo, I love you. Phelo I need you to stay’, that’s all and maybe things would have turned out differently. But those words and all that stuff, I never got them. 

“‘I feel like I’m going to find somebody who is going to protect me, who’s going to love me, not somebody who is going to throw a black plastic bag in your face in front of your friends and say you must leave his house.”

Toxic Relationship

Moshe was formerly married to Phelo Bala, a singer, sangoma, and reality TV star.

Unfortunately, their relationship came to an end following a series of physical altercations that took place in their former residence in North Riding. The situation escalated to the point where legal action was taken, leading them to court.

Phelo was allegedly assaulted by Moshe with a candle stand and had a bleeding gash on the head that was stitched at Olivedale Hospital. Phelo then obtained an interim court order.

“I feel unsafe around him. He’s emotionally abusive, manipulative, and controlling. Just two days ago at my friend’s house, he beat me up when I told him it was over. He took the phone I was using,” Phelo said.

The couple got back together but separated months after the incident.


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