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Mother of Late Rapper Riky Rick to Publish Book about Her Healing Journey

Louisa Zondo, the mother of the late South African rapper Riky Rick, has announced that she is publishing a book titled “Dearest Ma Riky” about her journey through grief, trauma, and healing since the loss of her son to suicide. Zondo shared the cover of the book on Instagram, which features a picture of her and Riky Rick with the subtitle “A mother’s journey through grief, trauma, and healing.”

Zondo revealed that writing the book has given her clarity and healing on many fronts, and she encouraged others to never stop sharing their stories. The book is expected to provide readers with insights into Zondo’s personal experiences of dealing with the loss of her son and her process of healing.

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Riky Rick and his mother
Riky Rick and his mother-Image Source@Twitter

The Private Suicide Note of Riky Rick

Riky Rick’s private suicide note was made public, which he wrote to his wife Bianca Naidoo and their two children. The rapper expressed his pain and explained that the voices in his head had never gone away. He apologized to his loved ones for being unable to bear the unbearable pain and advised his wife and children to continue living and pursuing their passions.

To his son Maik, Riky Rick advised him to follow his passion and reminded him that the world is better than he could ever imagine. To his daughter Jordan, Riky Rick expressed his love and gratitude for being an inspiration to him and teaching him so much about life.

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Riky Rick
Riky Rick-Image Source@Twitter

A Tribute to Riky Rick

Riky Rick was a South African rapper, singer, songwriter, and actor who rose to fame with his hit song “Boss Zonke” in 2014. He was also known for his fashion sense and his collaborations with other artists. Riky Rick’s death in 2021 was a great loss to the South African music industry, and his legacy continues to inspire many young artists.

Zondo’s book is expected to provide readers with a glimpse into Riky Rick’s life and the impact his death had on his loved ones. It is also hoped that the book will help those who are going through similar experiences find solace and healing in their journey.


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