Rapper Moozlie-Image Source@InstagramRapper Moozlie-Image Source@Instagram

Moozlie Confirms She Called It Quits With Sbuda Roc After 8 Years Of Dating

One of South Africa’s most loved celebrity couples, rapper and TV star Nomuzi ‘Moozlie’ Mabena and rapper and producer Sbuda Roc, have confirmed their breakup. The couple had been together for eight years, but had been facing breakup rumours for some time.

How Moozlie revealed her breakup

Moozlie finally addressed the rumours in a recent interview on the Choppin It With Bhuda T Podcast, where she was asked about her love life. She did not beat around the bush, but admitted that she was single and that life happens. She also said that she was a bad b*tch and that she would make it clear if she liked someone.

“I’m a bad btch, I’m a bad btch, that’s all you need to know, I’m actually single, I’m single, life happens, and that’s okay. One thing about me, if I’m into you and I like you, you will know”

Fans shocked by Moozlie and Sbuda Roc’s breakup

Moozlie and Sbuda Roc-Image Source@Instagram
Moozlie and Sbuda Roc-Image Source@Instagram

The news of the couple’s split came as a surprise to many fans and followers who had followed their relationship for years. The couple had shown their love and affection for each other on social media, posting cute pictures and videos. They had also worked together on several music projects and supported each other’s careers.

Many people wondered what led to the breakup, but neither Moozlie nor Sbuda Roc has shared any details or explanations for their decision. They have asked for respect and privacy during this tough time, as they focus on their own lives and goals.

What’s next for Moozlie and Sbuda Roc?

Despite the end of their romance, both Moozlie and Sbuda Roc have continued to excel in their respective fields. Moozlie is one of the most successful rappers and TV hosts in South Africa, with many awards and achievements to her name. She has also branched out into other ventures such as fashion and beauty.

Sbuda Roc is also a talented rapper and producer, who has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the industry. He is also the co-founder of Cashtime Life, a record label and lifestyle brand.

As we wish them all the best on their separate paths, we can’t help but look back at the beautiful moments they shared as a couple. Their love may have come to an end, but the impact they’ve had on each other’s lives and the hearts they’ve touched along the way will forever be remembered.

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