Tol Ass Mo and his wife Mome-Image Source@InstagramTol Ass Mo and his wife Mome-Image Source@Instagram

In a shocking revelation, local comedian Tol A$$ Mo’s estranged wife Mome Mahlangu beaks her silence amidst her divorce fro Toll A$$ Mo. Toll A$$ Mo’s confession came during an interview with DJ Fresh on ‘WAW – What a Week,’ where he disclosed their separation and impending divorce. His proclamation of being done with relationships with black women raised eyebrows, asserting he would never marry one again. Mome, however, chose silence, leaving many to speculate about her feelings in the aftermath.

Mome Breaks Her Silence

After an extended period of contemplation, Mome has finally broken her silence, shedding light on her emotional and mental state in the wake of the divorce proceedings.

“It’s me that’s walking away, Fresh… I am f**ken traumatised. I am traumatised by black women. I’m traumatised to a point that I don’t want to have a black wife again,” confessed Tol A$$ Mo during his conversation with DJ Fresh.

This revelation shook his fan base, as they grappled with the stark shift in his public perception, especially considering the years they spent together in marriage.

Tol Ass Mo and his wife Mome-Image Source@Instagram

Mome’s Dignified Silence

Mome, on her part, opted to remain composed and refrain from any public commentary regarding the divorce or the statements made by her estranged husband.

However, Mome’s loyal fan base rallied behind her with messages of solidarity and unwavering support:

“Mome “stood by her man” throughout his legal woes, wenzani u man as soon as he was “cleared?” Goes on a podcast to say he’s done with black women,” expressed one concerned follower.

A Journey Towards Healing

In a recent Instagram post, Mome conveyed her current emotional state, emphasizing her progress towards healing and self-discovery.

“I have chosen to let it out of me to avoid storing anger in my beautiful SOUL, then I gained a Healed and Calm version of HER. She is Still full of Love and kindness. Above all the scars she collected on her journey, it has strengthened and rekindled her understanding of who God is in her life … I feel good and lighter, things have to hurt before they heal so allow it, no rush.”


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