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Miss Supranational Drama: Lalela Mswane Addresses Controversy

Former Miss South Africa 2021, Lalela Mswane, recently took the opportunity to address the ongoing drama surrounding her absence from the Miss Supranational pageant. In an exclusive interview with Anika Larsen on the renowned show “My Guest Tonight with Anika Larsen,” broadcasted on 16 August by eNCA, Lalela Mswane candidly shared her perspective.

A Glittering Reign: Lalela’s International Journey

During her reign as Miss South Africa, Lalela Mswane showcased her beauty and intelligence on the global stage. She participated in two prestigious international pageants, Miss Universe, where she earned the honor of being the second runner-up, and Miss Supranational, where she was crowned as the winner.

The Social Media Storm in July

However, Lalela found herself amidst a storm of social media scrutiny in July, when she was noticeably absent from Poland, where the search for her successor at the Miss Supranational pageant was in full swing. Addressing these speculations during her interview, Lalela fondly mentioned the warm camaraderie she shared with her fellow contestants at Miss Supranational.

Clarifying the Absence

Anika Larsen inquired about the criticism that Lalela faced on social media due to her presence in South Africa during the successor search. Lalela explained, “Miss Supranational opened a significant opportunity for me—a chance to host a major event. Unfortunately, this event coincided with the beginning of this year’s Miss Supra experience.”

She further emphasized, “I always intended to be present for the finale. It wasn’t a matter of missing the crowning or virtually passing on the crown. My schedule simply didn’t allow for my presence at that specific time.”

The Call for Communication

Lalela Mswane, while reflecting on the criticism she faced, shared her thoughts on open communication. She stated, “Instead of assuming, it would be more constructive for people to ask questions. Why not inquire about my absence? My point is, people would find it easier if they simply asked.”

She continued, “The reality is, I had other commitments and wasn’t required in Poland at that moment. Everything was well-coordinated, and it was as straightforward as that.”

Support from Miss Supranational Organization

At the time, the Miss Supranational Organization came forward to defend Lalela Mswane against the baseless rumors. They confirmed that Lalela was engaged in an important event in South Africa that aligned with her professional aspirations. The organization expressed their unequivocal support for her career goals and eagerly anticipated her presence in Poland.

The organization released a statement saying, “#Misssupranational2022 @lalela_mswane has been booked for an important event in South Africa before joining us in Poland. This event aligns with her aspirational goals and she has the approval and full support of this organization to pursue her career goals. We can’t wait to see you in Poland soon, Lali! 🤍🤍🤍.”

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