Miss SA finalist Nandipha and Skeem Saam’s Sthoko ready for the premiere of Pastor’s Wives

Johannesburg, South Africa – Miss SA finalist, Nandipha Mlombi and Skeem Saam’s Innocent “Sthoko” Sadiki have expressed their excitement over today’s premiere of the new reality show, Pastor’s Wives on Dstv channel 173 in which the duo are cast. The two outspoken ladies have since shared some spoilers citing that viewers will get to know the real side of them, “a lot of people don’t know I am a Pastor’s wife but a lot of people will soon know more about me.

Miss SA finalist Nandipha and Skeem Saam's Sthoko ready for the premiere of Pastor's Wives
Miss SA finalist Nandipha and Skeem Saam’s Sthoko ready for the premiere of Pastor’s Wives

For me being a Pastor’s wife is a calling not an achievement that’s why I have not been publicizing it. Moreover, the show is about showing people that these are normal people. However, we know we are going to be judged. A reality show either makes you or breaks I am afraid on whether or not I will be able to handle it nevertheless, times have changed people want to watch reality shows they are not going to be too receptive in the first stages but sooner or later they will get to understand and enjoy the show,” said Innocent. Nandipha also shared echoed the same sentiments as Innocent saying that people will get to know her better, “you are called as a Pastor’s wife, in my Methodist denomination as a Pastor’s wife you are supposed to look over the women and kids department, generally as couples, compatibility is important if you both believe in Christianity it makes it easier it’s one battle won.

However, I also have my journey in life, and for me, I do what I feel is right for me I do me. I hope I can inspire a lot of people. In addition, wherever you put a group of people from different backgrounds there is bound to be a lot of stamping on each others’ toes we are going to disagree as Pastor’s wives, we are human before we are Pastor’s wives. There is a Bible verse that says don’t judge others. None of us are perfect but we are all as Christians striving to be perfect.”

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