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South African presenter and media personality Minnie Dlamini and her estranged husband Quinton Jones’ marital problems have resurfaced, igniting a bitter custody battle.

The interracial couple, who captured hearts in 2017 with their televised wedding, welcomed their child, Netha Makhosini Jones, in 2020. However, in 2022, they jointly announced their separation.

Minnie Dlamini’s husband Quinton Jones asks for spousal support

The estranged pair is now embroiled in a contentious custody dispute, coupled with a spousal support disagreement, as reported by ZiMoja. Shockingly, Jones is demanding R10,000 in monthly support from his former spouse.

Minnie Dlamini and son-Image Source@Instagram
Minnie Dlamini and son-Image Source@Instagram

A confidential source revealed Minnie’s determination to protect her child’s well-being, saying, “Minnie is resolute in doing everything for her child, both emotionally and financially, and won’t let anyone interfere with that.”

Minnie Dlamini hints that Quinton Jones wants to deny her custody

Amid this drama, on Quinton Jones’ 40th birthday earlier this month, Minnie Dlamini posted cryptic messages on her Instagram Stories. One message hinted at moving on from divorce, while another addressed the sensitive topic of separating babies from their mothers.

Minnie Dlamini and son-Image Source@Instagram
Minnie Dlamini and son-Image Source@Instagram

Another insider spoke to the publication, emphasizing Minnie’s dedication, stating, “Minnie is a hard worker and will do anything for her child. He is bitter because she has moved on with her life and is providing for their child without his assistance.”

After the divorce Minnie Dlamini has been in the headlines as people said that she had allegedly moved on and was dating AKA’s friend Yanga Chief. Neither of the to have addressed the dating rumours yet which haskept fans guessing.



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