Ndamase Windy MomentMihlali Ndamase (Image: Mihlali Ndamase/Instagram)

The famous and controversial social media influencer Mihlali Ndamase was the talk of Twitter recently after a video of her windy moment surfaced online.

Mihlali Ndamase has been criticized on social media for passing gas and ‘posting it’ on her YouTube show. People think the social media influencer and entrepreneur took it too far.

Ndamase  Windy Moment
Mihlali Ndamase’s Windy Moment Causes Stir [image: Mihlali Ndamase/Instagram]

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Mihlali’s viral video has since been taken down from her YouTube Channel despite surfacing on social media, sparking mixed reactions from the South Africans who have seen it.

A video of Mihlali Ndamase passing gas has caused a lot of people to share different opinions. Some people stood up for her, while others criticized her.

Here are the reactions to the video below:


Lol I enjoyed this vlog a lot. And no it’s because of the fart. But I just felt like it was so real and that was so refreshing to see. It’s exhausting watching perfection all the time.


Pretty privilege gets away with alot disgusting is labelled as real … I love it here


I respect this could’ve been edited out though


You don’t fart so loud in front of people, be a lady or a gentleman marn sies


Mihlali transitioning to Leon Schuster type comedy is an insane plot Twist


So now cause of this my subscribers are asking me to fart on my OnlyFans fart turns some people on I am by no means kink shaming 



Mihlali Ndamase is yet to comment on the video clip.

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