Mihlali Ndamase Receives Death Threats

Influencer and YouTuber, Mihlali Ndamase says she’s still shaken up over the death threats she received from an unknown man.

Ndamase went on Twitter and shared her horrific experience she experienced at a garage just for asking a man, what he was looking at. 

Ndamase tweeted:

“A guy just threatened  to shoot me at a garage cause I asked what he’s looking at. How do you walk up to me in a store aisle, stand and stare then get upset when asked what’s up? I was so scared cause he had his hand in his pants, so he actually could’ve done it.

Imagine threatening to kill someone at a garage in broad daylight. I’m still low-key shaken. The whole time I was standing there thinking he’d actually get away with it.

This man was screaming at me and swearing guys. He was swearing like I had some something to him cause I asked what he’s looking at. Even the petrol attendants outside asked him what’s wrong when he walked out. Hayi I can’t believe it.”

When the YouTuber was going through this horrific experience the petrol attendants did nothing and said nothing.

While most of her female followers were supportive of her, some of her male followes asked Ndamase how she addressed the man, which she didn’t take well. Ndamase felt like some of he followers were supporting the man who threatened her.

“Also, what we’re not going to do is discuss indlela endibuze ngayo, men are so entitled. Nothing makes threatening somebody okay. Don’t annoy me please already ndinaar.”

According to EWN (Eyewitness News):

GBV (Gender Based Violence) was declared a second pandemic by the president of the country in 2020, as cases of abuse escalated during the COVID-19 lockdown.

 The government made funds available to set up and equip shelters for women and children as more and more women were getting killed during the lockdown than ever before.

President Ramaphosa stated:

“We must all play our part in supporting survivors of gender-based violence and respect the rights of women and children in our families and in our communities

But it seems the call is fell on deaf ears as incidents of rape had increased by 706 cases compared to the same time last year.

Cases of rape recorded a 1.7% increase, with over 53,000 cases in 2020 alone, and police detected 1,638 more sexual offences than the previous year.


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