Methodist church Queen NandiThe Methodist church responds to Queen Nandi's allegations-Image Source@imzansi

The Methodist Church has responded to former pastor’s wife Queen Nandi’s allegations that they tried to force her to abort.

Since her divorce from Reverend Mawuzole Mlombi, Nandipha Mlombi, known as Queen Nandi, has embarked on a quest to reveal what she describes as the “dark secrets” of the Methodist Church. Despite her past as the spouse of a pastor, Queen Nandi has returned to a more public lifestyle, often sharing revealing images and showcasing her tattoo.

In the past, she accused the church of coercing her ex-husband to choose between his ministry and their marriage, a choice which ultimately led to their divorce.

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The latest twist in this ongoing saga is Queen Nandi’s assertion that the Methodist Church pressured her into having an abortion. She claims that her refusal to comply resulted in her husband’s salary being reduced:

“There was a pregnancy I was asked to terminate. In this economy, how can you have kids? When I didn’t terminate that pregnancy, they said they were going to cut the pastor’s stipend.”

Methodist Church’s Official Response

The Methodist Church has issued a formal response through an interview with Sunday World, categorically denying the allegations made by Queen Nandi. The Church, now pursuing legal action, has remained tight-lipped about specific details due to ongoing legal proceedings.

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Rev Pumla Ndimande, the Presiding Bishop and spokesperson for the Methodist Church, stated:

“These steps are sub-judice at the moment, and we are therefore not at liberty to discuss them.”

Rev Ndimande further emphasized that the church never requested Nandipha to terminate any pregnancies and stressed the gravity of such accusations:

“We did not ask her to terminate any pregnancies, and those are very serious accusations that she is making. Hopefully, Mrs Mlombi [Queen Nandi] will back them up with proof and names in due course.”


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