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Reports indicate that Norma Mngoma, once married to former Minister Melusi Gigaba, has ventured into a new relationship, this time with the former spouse of a renowned actress.

Norma Mngoma, a prominent businesswoman previously wedded to Melusi Gigaba, has now found companionship with a lawyer currently undergoing his second divorce.

A Shared Journey

This lawyer, who had remarried post-divorce from the actress, finds himself again in the process of separation. Norma and the lawyer have chosen to cohabitate, marking a significant step in their relationship. Interestingly, Norma had previously split from another well-known lawyer amidst his own divorce proceedings.

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Publicly Together

Sources report that the couple isn’t shying away from public displays of affection, frequently seen enjoying meals at various establishments across Johannesburg.

“Their relationship isn’t a secret; they frequently dine out in Joburg and have been spotted indulging in romantic gestures,”

an anonymous source stated.

Next Steps

Allegedly, the couple is considering furthering their commitment. The lawyer has been instrumental in supporting Norma’s business ventures and offering counsel. Norma, in turn, has been actively involved in styling him and crafting his attire.

“She even dresses him and tailors his suits. Additionally, he, formerly a telecommunications executive, orchestrated an elaborate Valentine’s Day celebration for Norma, showering her with red roses,”

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Denial and Clarification

When approached for comment, Norma expressed surprise and refuted claims of familiarity with the lawyer’s children. She also clarified that the lawyer isn’t based in Pretoria and her visits there are solely personal.

“Who told you that? You’re mistaken. I’ve never met his children, and he doesn’t reside in Pretoria. My visits to Pretoria are strictly personal,”

Norma responded before ending the call.

Attempts to reach out to the lawyer for comment were unsuccessful at the time of publication.

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