Meet New Zulu Queen: Misuzulu Pays Lobola For His Baby Mama

Meet New Zulu Queen: Misuzulu Pays Lobola For His Baby Mama
Ntokozo Mayisela (36) – Meet New Zulu Queen: Misuzulu Pays Lobola For His Baby Mama

The Zulu Kings possibilities of swiftly taking over the throne now seem clearer than before.

He has now paid lobola for his longtime girlfriend and baby mama, Ntokozo Mayisela from Newcastle.

The 36 year old is not of royal blood but has two sons aged nine and three.

After his father’s death, his it became apparent that he was to be the next king of the AmaZulu tribe.

He was then given a three months notice to get married so to take over the throne.

It seems the father of four has finally complied after his mother’s death.

According to Home Affairs documents, Prince Misuzulu Zulu registered for marriage on Thursday last week, a day before his mother’s will was read, making him a king.

Even though Mayisela has been married first, she will not be a great wife because she doesn’t come from a royal house.

AmaZulu New King
New Zulu King Misuzulu Zulu

It is Prince Misuzulu’s second babymama, Princess Wezizwe Sigcau who could take up that position and become the mother of the next king.

She is from AmaMpondo kingdom in the Eastern Cape. She and Misuzulu have one son, Prince Jubezizweni Sigcau-Zulu – the possible next king.

However, Misuzulu has not yet married Princess Weziswe.

Sources claim that the royal house will be facilitating lobola payment to AmaMpondo Princess very soon.

Prince Misuzulu was announced to be the next king of AmaZulu on the 7th of May. His date of coronation has not yet been announced due to security fears in the kingdom.

It is said that he was whisked away to Swaziland the day he was announced the next king. This after his brother and some of the royal members questioned his legitimacy.

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