Londeka SishiLondeka Sishi-Image Source@Instagram

Meet Adulting Actress Londeka Sishi, The New Face of South African Television

Londeka Sishi is a rising star in South African television. The 26-year-old actress has captured the hearts of viewers with her beauty and talent since her debut on Showmax’s Adulting. She plays the role of Nkanyezi in the hit series, which explores the lives of four friends in Johannesburg.

A Shy Girl from Port Shepstone

Londeka Sishi
Londeka Sishi-Image Source@Instagram

Londeka was born in eMehlomnyana and spent her childhood with her great-grandmother before moving in with her mother in Port Shepstone. She is the middle child of seven siblings. Despite her shy nature, Londeka has always been passionate about acting. She was the black sheep of the family and often found herself doing drama skits and singing in church.

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From Mental Health Organization to Television

Before landing her role in Adulting, Londeka worked for a mental health organization where she offered counselling and virtual therapy. She found solace in prayer and writing to deal with her own struggles. Londeka’s love for acting never faded, and she decided to audition for the role of Nkanyezi when she saw the casting call from Tshedza Pictures.

The Audition Process

The audition process for the role of Nkanyezi was challenging for Londeka. It began with an open call where she had to submit a self-tape introducing herself. She then received a script and was called in for a screen test in Johannesburg. Despite being in Durban at the time and lacking the funds to travel, Londeka made it work and got the part. She quit her corporate job immediately after receiving the news.

Adulting Cast
Londeka Sishi in Adulting-Image Source@Instagram

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A Single Parent with a Purpose

Londeka is a single parent to her daughter, Liyana, who is five years old. Her daughter came at a time when Londeka was struggling with depression and a lack of purpose. Liyana taught her about love, patience, and kindness. Although her daughter’s father is in her life, Londeka and he are no longer together. They co-parent and maintain a strong bond with their daughter.

A New Kid on the Block

Londeka is the new kid on the block in South African television, but she’s proving to be a focused and dedicated actress. She studied Public Relations at the Durban University of Technology and Rosebank College before pursuing her true passion for acting. Her love for her craft is evident, and she is one to watch in the entertainment industry.


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