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Media Personality Unathi Nkayi Prepares For Legal Showdown With Kaya FM

Media personality, Unathi Nkayi recently took a swipe at her former employers, Kaya FM, by expressing her readiness for a legal battle in a lighthearted video shared on Instagram.

In the intro of her video, she said:

“I’m shooting this video for my mother, she has instructed me and given me the blessing to tell my side of the story and I’ve promised her that I will one day. But I’ve asked her to allow me to do it officially at the end of my case against Kaya at the High Court.”

After a heated disagreement with Sizwe Dhlomo, Unathi Nkayi was swiftly dismissed from her position. Kaya FM, in this dispute, sided with the Afternoon Drive anchor.

Unathi Nkayi’s contract with the broadcasting company was abruptly terminated last year, putting an end to her nearly two-year tenure.

The decision to terminate her contract was based on allegations that her conduct had become “intolerable.”

During a heated argument with media celebrity Sizwe Dhlomo, the situation escalated to the point where Unathi Nkayi was promptly dismissed from her position.

In the video, Unathi Nkayi candidly states that she had anticipated the possibility of being let go, but firmly believes that the decision was unjust.

She goes on to reveal that she has a strong support system in place and is mentally prepared for the upcoming challenges she may face.

In a recent interview with former Idols judge Gareth Cliff, Unathi Nkayi disclosed that she initially confided in her mother about the incident.

Surprisingly, it was her mother who urged her to take legal action against her former employer, despite Unathi initially having no intentions to do so.

Additionally, in the video, Unathi Nkayi revealed that she has already commenced the filming process for a documentary centered around her life story.


In the video, Unathi Nkayi expressed her gratitude towards her supporters, including strangers who approach her on the street and express their decision to stop listening to the station since her dismissal.

She also mentioned pilots who have shown support by informing fellow passengers of their stance in favor of the broadcaster in this particular situation.

Unwavering in her determination, Unathi confidently stated that she does not anticipate any financial difficulties in pursuing the lawsuit.

She assured her audience that she is mentally strong and prepared to face any psychological challenges that may arise during what could potentially become a lengthy legal battle.


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