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Maglera Doe Boy, recognized for his straightforward persona, has ignited discussions with a recent picture featuring him and a dear friend.

The photograph, depicting Maglera Doe Boy and his deceased friend, has triggered debates surrounding the rapper’s sexual orientation.Speculation is rife on social media, suggesting that their relationship might have surpassed conventional friendship.

Maglera Doe Boy Responds to Questions About His Sexuality After Sharing Photo

Since the passing of his friend, Slash, Maglera Doe Boy has been enjoying his fame while cherishing enduring friendships. Taking a nostalgic trip on Instagram, the Diaspora rapper shared a throwback snapshot of himself and Slash taken in Kanana, North West, just outside of Klerksdorp.

In the image, MDB and Slash embrace, with the latter’s head resting on his friend’s shoulder while the rapper holds a red rose, facing the camera with closed eyes. Maglera captioned the picture with a sentimental note:

“I am my brother’s keeper. Do you give your brothers their flowers before they are gone?”

Despite rumours of his relationship with Cyan Boujee, social media users are convinced that Maglera Doe Boy’s sexual orientation isn’t heterosexual. Responding to negative comments regarding the photo, the rapper addressed the issue, saying:

“You’ll be fine, guys, don’t be scared to love your homies. It’s only the ones who don’t know love that are mad when it’s shown.”

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Mzansi’s Allegations and Reactions

Nevertheless, the response didn’t deter social media users from insinuating that Maglera Doe Boy is homosexual. Here are some of the reactions:

  • @CuriousBob28: “nothing we say or do will change his bank balance. We should stop overestimating our importance to other people’s lives”
  • @don_marcusiano: “MDB is moving the Diddy way these days”
  • @MangoaleMa82609: “He’s been low-key dropping hints. I don’t care how he explains it.”


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