woman cheats her husbandDrama As Woman Cheats On  Her Husband With Three Other Men [Image: Twitter/@atebe_sir]

“Master Of The Game”: Drama As Woman Cheats Her Husband With Three Other Men

A woman has caused a big stir online after she was caught cheating on her husband with three other men.

The husband, Atebe, wrote on Twitter that he caught his wife cheating with three other men.

woman cheats her husband
Drama As Woman Cheats On Her Husband With Three Other Men [Image: Twitter/@atebe_sir]

Apart from that, Atebe also found out, through a text message, that the child he had been caring for was not his biological child.

“I found my wife is cheating through sms. She told three guys that they were the biological fathers of my daughter. I did my investigation, and I met all three men in private.

“We did a DNA TEST, and the results say we are not the biological father. “My wife doesn’t know that I know I’m not the biological father of our daughter.”

Atebe and the three men his wife had relationships with outside their marriage made a plan to surprise her.

“Date 1/3/2023 is my wife’s birthday, and we all planned to give her the gift she will never forget. I invited the three guys, and each guy will carry a copy of the DNA results we give to her. We plan to surprise her with DNA results. I hope she will enjoy her birthday.”

On Wednesday, March 1, 2023, three men went to Atebe’s house to surprise the promiscuous wife with the DNA results on her birthday. They got there at 8:45 in the evening as planned.

The woman was shocked when she saw four people she had been unfaithful to outside her doorstep.

On March 2, Atebe posted about the drama between him and his wife, who had been unfaithful.

“Including me, we’re 4 gents in this situationship. 2 of the gents are married with kids. 1 of the gents was planning to marry her. And me. I was the husband. Due to the nature of my work, we used to stay apart mostly. But our crib was the main. After interrogating her and watching her reactions, we decided to gift her 2k each and wished her well. She left very early today.”


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