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Mass Country Album| Mzansi Convinced AKA Knew He Was Going To Die

AKA’s new album, “Mass Country,” is now available on the internet. It was released today, February 24.

After AKA’s project, Mass Country dropped today, people who listened to it thought that the rapper had a feeling he was going to die soon.

Mass Country AKA
AKA(Image Credit: Instagram@akaworldwide)

AKA and his friend, celebrity chef Tebello “Tibz” Motsoane, were shot and killed near a restaurant in Durban on February 10.

The album trended early after its release as fans on social media gave their opinions about the lyrics in AKA’s songs, saying that it seemed like he knew he would die soon.

The Fella In Versace rapper, in one of his songs said:

 “They put a price on his head,’ rapped the late AKA.

Fans of AKA said that the track “Last Time” sounded like it was a goodbye song, and “Diary (Anxiety)” sounded like the singer was already aware of what was going to happen.

Twitter users are speculating that the rapper knew he was going to die before it happened. Some people suggested that the rapper received death threats.

Below are some of the reactions from social media users who listened to AKA’s new album, Mass Country.


Hai maan maybe I’m overthinking on this but it’s like this man was ready to die or anticipated something bad might happen to him. #MassCountry


There are a lot of death references on his album It’s like he knew


When listening to “Last time”, “Company” and “Dangerous”, one gets the sense he was really saying goodbye

@ProGIsThe Name;

Everything about this album (artwork, trailer, the music itself) feels like he knew without knowing. Wild. #LongLiveSupaMega

AKA’s new album has been trending on social media since it was dropped, and over 6 million people have already listened to it.


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