Kwaito Star Mandoza-Image Source@TwitterKwaito Star Mandoza-Image Source@Twitter

Mandoza Biopic Producer Slams Claims He Misused Series Funds

Aughn Eaton, the executive producer of the upcoming Mandoza biopic, has set the record straight on allegations that he embezzled money meant to pay cast and crew members.

Delay in Payments, Not Embezzlement

Eaton, who was also the late kwaito star’s manager, spoke to Sunday World and refuted the claims. He stated that some salaries have been paid, and he is not the reason behind the payment delay. Eaton addressed the accusations circulating in newspapers and online, stating, “I don’t know where people get their stories from. With regards to the money, we have had a delay in regard to payment and paying everyone, which I think is a normal thing in business. The fact that it is a Mandoza story, people make such a big fuss about it. Everybody will be paid, there is still some outstanding payments but we have paid actors.”

Kwaito Star Mandoza-Image Source@Twitter
Kwaito Star Mandoza-Image Source@Twitter

Last month, Sunday World reported that Eaton had sent a letter dated 4 May apologizing to the cast and crew for the payment delays.

R6 Million Paid So Far

Eaton clarified that a total of R6 million has already been paid out as salaries. He mentioned that once one of the funders fulfills their commitment, everyone will receive their due payments. Eaton emphasized, “People have been paid portions of their payments. We have paid out in excess of R6 million. So, I don’t know where these stories originate from. A lot of people have been paid their money. It is just outstanding payments from here and there, but it is highly probable.”

Lead Roles Confirmed

Lorraine Moropa and Wiseman Mncube-Image Source@Instagram
Lorraine Moropa and Wiseman Mncube-Image Source@Instagram

The six-part mini-series titled “Life of Mandoza” has confirmed the lead roles. Lorraine Moropa, known for her role in Lithapo, will star as Mandoza’s wife, Mpho Tshabalala. The role of Mandoza himself will be portrayed by Wiseman Mncube, who gained fame through his role in Shaka ILembe.

Mandoza’s Legacy

Mandoza, the acclaimed musician behind hit songs like “Nkalakatha” and “Godoba,” passed away on 18 September 2016 after battling pharyngeal cancer. He had three children with his wife, Tokollo, Tumelo, and Karabo.

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