Makhadzi’s Team Responds As Zimbabwe Show Descends Into Chaos

Makhadzi’s team has issued a statement in response to the tumultuous events that took place during her recent performance in Zimbabwe.

Despite being billed to perform at the Manicaland Motoring Club on April 7, 2022, Makhadzi’s set was cut short due to unforeseen circumstances that arose after she took the stage.

The once-excited atmosphere quickly devolved into chaos as concert-goers began hurling bottles toward the stage, prompting Makhadzi to end her set abruptly in order to ensure her own safety and that of her band members.

Despite Makhadzi’s strong connection to Zimbabwe, which she has often referred to as her second home, the situation grew increasingly volatile.

The exact cause of the incident remains unclear, with some speculating that fans were angered by Makhadzi’s use of pre-recorded tracks, while others believe that overcrowding at the venue caused a stampede as fans rushed to record footage of the performance.

According to Zimbabwean show promoter Partson “Chipaz” Chimbodza, the chaos that ensued during Makhadzi’s performance was sparked by fans who were clamoring to catch a glimpse of the Matorokisi hitmaker on stage.

As the crowd surged forward, they broke down barricades that were in place to separate VIPs from the general audience.

This led to VIPs pushing back in response and even throwing bottles, escalating the situation further.

Makhadzi’s team has spoken to TimesLIVE, clarifying what happened on the fateful night in Zimbabwe. Open Mic Productions managing partner Brenden Maseko said:

“What happened on Saturday, people didn’t throw bottles or things at Makhadzi; it’s false. It was the weakness of the promoter regarding security at the venue and the event. The barricade for [the] golden circle and general access was just a barricade. There was no security there.

“Immediately when Makhadzi got onto the stage, people wanted to come forward and see her, and they pushed the barricade. When they pushed the barricade, it fell on people. Those in [the] golden circle were trying to stop people and draw attention to the barricade. They started throwing bottles at the others to try to get them to stop entering [the] golden circle.

“We did most of the performance. We didn’t finish the set because we didn’t want to put others at risk. The promoter said he was calling the police to come to calm the crowd. It was a beautiful performance. People still love Makhadzi out there.”

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