Makhadzi’s Melodrama: From Victim To Accused Scammer, DJ Rabs Vhafuwi Spills The Tea

Makhadzi’s recent behavior has sparked an intense wave of outrage among South Africans on social media, who are expressing their anger towards the allegations of her deceiving DJ Rabs Vhafuwi and causing him a substantial loss of R16,000.

Many internet users are pointing out the apparent hypocrisy in Makhadzi’s behavior. They are drawing attention to the fact that she previously voiced her grievances about being scammed by Open Mic, yet now she finds herself accused of engaging in fraudulent activities herself.

Makhadzi Fails To Pay DJ Rabs Vhafuwi’s Debt

On Twitter, Rabs Vhafuwi took to sharing incriminating proof in the form of WhatsApp screenshots, revealing Makhadzi’s promise to repay him in installments.

According to the screenshots, Makhadzi had initially contracted Rabs’ services for a substantial amount of R20,000. However, she only managed to pay a meager R3,500, leaving a considerable outstanding balance of R16,500.

Rabs Vhafuwi’s screenshots demonstrate his consistent efforts to remind Makhadzi, the talented Ghanama songstress, to settle her outstanding dues. Despite reaching agreements on settling the amount owed, Makhadzi has allegedly failed to fulfill her financial obligations.

Makhadzi had made a commitment to clear the remaining balance by the first week of March this year. Regrettably, as stated by Rabs, she has not honored her promise, leading to disappointment and unresolved matters between them.

Frustrated with Makhadzi’s antics, Rabs Vhafuwi urged her to keep the remaining balance since she had proven unable to fulfil her end of the bargain.

“Hi @MakhadziSA Since you are unable to finish paying it off, you can keep the balance,” he tweeted, triggering a widespread response

Mzansi Slams Makhadzi For Being A Hypocrite

Some South Africans have reached their limit with Makhadzi’s questionable behavior. Whether it’s reports of her missing scheduled performances or accusations of her not fulfilling her financial obligations, people are growing frustrated.

Expressing their views on Twitter, many South Africans emphasized that Makhadzi should start treating fellow musicians with the same respect she desires for herself.

Below are reactions on the matter from across Twitter:


Makhadzi needs to sort that G his R1600 out…

We can’t be defending you that you getting scammed but you also scamming people

Uyasibhimbisa 😩


Makhadzi is one of the best artist atm and my favorite. But she can be so idiotic when it comes to money. She can’t pay 16k when she makes 75k a gig? Or it’s a case of any publicity is good publicity? Like the fake English she deliberately uses.

She is making Rabs famous here.


Makhadzi makes millions. Why can’t she just pay the poor guy his money. How will we defend her against open mic if she’s doing exactly what open mic is doing to her to other people.

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