Makhadzi’s Clash with Open Mic Productions Opens A Can Of Worms 

South African musician Makhadzi’s dispute with Open Mic has opened a can of worms as another artist has opened up against the record label.

In 2021, there were a multitude of unfavorable headlines, with the first being about Nomcebo Zikode, a singer and songwriter who accused Open Mic Productions of exploiting her and failing to compensate her properly for her work on the song Jerusalema.

Afterwards, DJ Chramza also stepped forward, claiming that he too played a role in producing the song and is now pursuing legal action.

In 2021, Master KG parted ways with the label to establish his own. More recently, Makhadzi was coerced into signing a prolonged contract after three years and has accused the label of exploiting her and withholding payment.

She has expressed her desire to terminate the partnership and cease working with them.

In addition, producer and Mpumalanga artist Sdala B has told ZiMoja that he too has fallen victim to Open Mic Productions.

He produced big hits for Open Mic Productions but alleges that he has not seen a cent.

In 2021, Sdala B says he moved from his hometown of KwaMhlanga in Mpumalanga to seek greener pastures in Johannesburg. He thought working for Open Mic would be his big break.

“ I moved from home to Johannesburg to hustle for my family, knowing very well that I’m an orphan and that I must take care of my grandmother who raised me,” he says.“I have worked hard and put all my efforts into the songs such as Zulu Ghanama, Khanyisa, Ngiyazifela EP Deluxe, just to name a few.Open Mic Productions came in and promised me the world, but not even one of their promises were fulfilled.”

Sdala says the company promised to make him a star.

“They only shot one video and nothing for the rest. They also wanted to choose what I release and how I make our songs. Everything is just badly organised and they do not live up to their promises,” he says.

 “I never received even a single percentage of the money made from my sales, nor did I receive any royalties that were generated by all the songs that I made with the label,” he says.

“My career is drowning today, yet I’ve made millions for people who never cared about me.” 

The publication reports that Open Mic boss Lionel Jamela says they will not be commenting on the Sdala B matter.

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