Makhadzi Responds To Rabs Vhafuwi’s Debt Claims

Makhadzi has garnered a reputation as one of the finest local performers in the country. Nonetheless, it appears that the musician struggles to remain free from controversy for prolonged periods.

It’s rare for a week to pass without accusations of her being a no-show or getting embroiled in a scandal.

As a result, it appears that Makhadzi does not adhere to the saying, “once bitten, twice shy.” This is evident as she has once again engaged in a social media altercation with promoter Rabs Vhafuwi.

Back in January 2023, the two had their first public tiff. Vhafuwi first took to Facebook to publicly address Makhadzi and her team, expressing his frustration over their lack of response to his calls and messages.

Rabs alleges that Makhadzi and her team owe him a certain sum of money, although he did not specify the exact amount.

While he did not stipulate the actual amount, Rab did make it sound like it is an amount that Makhadzi can afford as he asked, “Do we have to fight over such a small amount?”

When asked to provide specific reasons for calling out Makhadzi, Rabs shared a thread where he made claims that the popular artist had failed to show up for two performances that he had booked for her.

Makhadzi’s fans swiftly came to her defense, with one Twitter user in particular confirming allegations that Rabs was supposedly attempting to tarnish Makhadzi’s reputation with baseless accusations.

Additionally, this user suggested that Makhadzi did indeed travel to the concerts in question, but they turned out to be unsuccessful or poorly received events.

Initially, it appeared that the conflict between Makhadzi and Rabs had been resolved. However, four months later, the two have reignited their dispute over another failed deal.

Makhadzi rubbishes Rabs’ claims of owing him R16k.

Makhadzi strongly refutes Rabs’ assertion that she owes him R16k, dismissing his claims as baseless.

In a recent social media post, Rabs presented a screenshot as his “proof” that Makhadzi owed him the remaining R16,000 after initially paying only R4,000.

According to Rabs, Makhadzi had been booked for a performance but failed to fulfill her commitment.

Consequently, it appeared that Makhadzi was expected to repay the agreed-upon amount. However, two months later, Makhadzi allegedly changed her contact number and seemingly ignored any further attempts to collect the outstanding amount, leading to frustration on Rabs’ part.

Taking to her Facebook page, Makhadzi wrote:

Khado disa tshitori tshofhelelaho tshelede yanu thinganifhi nidiita muvhuya ngadzina langa ngeno ni tswotswi . Athishumeki ini nne . The worst thing is you lied to the the owner of the club that I wanted more money and stl give me pinites and I took it cz I was supporting your hustle ! Litshani mbilu nntswu ndihone zwitshido tshimbila zwithu zwanu . Clean your heart brother 👦

I came to your show and you decided to postpone. Ndo swika I declined other shows because of your show, are you gonna give me the money I lost?

You even gave me mic to onnonce that you are postpone a show and stl play two songs and force me to perform is that performance for free ? Iam not your toy 🧸, Iam not going to give you the money back athithoyiii nne!

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