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YouTuber Makhadzi Ngubeni has come forward with shocking allegations against her mother, Pastor Mukhuba, accusing her of abuse and threatening to unveil undisclosed family matters. This has come as a shock to her fans and the public who know both her and her mother.

Makhadzi Ngubeni’s Accusations

In a recent social media post, Makhadzi revealed her anguish over the alleged mistreatment by her parents. She expressed frustration, stating, “Despite my decision to distance myself from my father and his family, my mother persists in disrupting my life.”

She hinted at undisclosed family secrets, emphasizing that if her mother does not cease her actions, she will no longer remain silent. Makhadzi asserted her possession of evidence to substantiate her claims, condemning what she described as abuse and narcissism.

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Allegations Against Father and Pastor Mukhuba

Makhadzi accused her father of mistreating women, alleging that Pastor Mukhuba manipulates victims into forgiveness using religious tactics. Additionally, she claimed that her parents resorted to paying off some victims to maintain silence.

Wedding Sabotage

Amidst her recent marriage, Makhadzi recounted interference from her mother, who purportedly feigned support publicly while undermining the wedding arrangements in private.

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Public Reaction

Responses on social media varied, with individuals expressing divergent views on the family dispute:

  • Prince remarked, “We will see who is really friends with Satan.”
  • Callie advised against airing personal grievances online.
  • Thabang emphasized respect for parents.
  • Astido suggested that Makhadzi’s revelations could uncover deeper issues within Pastor Mukhuba’s church.
  • Cycle speculated on potential controversies within the church community.

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