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Makhadzi Expresses Longing for Love on Social Media

Makhadzi, the popular singer also known as Ndivhudzannyi Ralivhona, has sparked conversations on social media with a recent Facebook post expressing her yearning for love. Following her breakup with musician Master KG, the two have decided to maintain a friendly relationship. However, after eight months of being single, Makhadzi admits to feeling lonely and hopes to find a new love interest.

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A Closer Look at Makhadzi and Master KG’s  love

In December, Master KG took to Facebook to announce the end of his romantic relationship with Makhadzi. Despite the breakup, they have chosen to continue working together to entertain their fans. Interestingly, this is not the first time the couple has called it quits, as they broke up in 2020 but eventually reconciled.

Master KG and Makhadzi in happier times
Master KG and Makhadzi-Image Source(Instagram)

Makhadzi responded to the breakup rumors by suggesting that Master KG’s announcement was a result of a typing error. She assured her followers that they would receive updates on her upcoming shows and reaffirmed their love for each other. Makhadzi listed the various locations where they had performed together, emphasizing their continued professional collaboration.

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Master KG’s Accusations and Facebook Arguments

In October 2022, Master KG accused Botswana singer Vee Mampeezy of having a relationship with Makhadzi. The accusation led to a heated Facebook argument between the two musicians. Master KG claimed that Vee Mampeezy had been bragging about a brief relationship with Makhadzi and challenged him to provide evidence such as hotel pictures to support his claims.


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