Bandile Mbere had leg surgeryBandile Mbere -Image Source@imzansi

Major League DJz Star Bandile Mbere Shocks Fans with Secret Leg Surgery Revelation

Bandile Mbere, one-half of the dynamic DJ duo Major League DJz, has recently undergone a significant leg surgery, unveiling a personal battle he’s been facing since 2021.

A Long Battle Unveiled

For the past two years, Bandile has silently battled a persistent leg issue, often relying on walking aids. Major League DJz is known for their privacy, which kept the specifics of Bandile’s condition undisclosed.

Bandile Mbere Opens Up About Leg Surgery

Bandile took to his personal Instagram page to candidly share his recent leg surgery. He posted an image of his wrapped right leg, revealing that he had lost sensation in it. In a subsequent Instagram story, he mentioned that he underwent an osteotomy, a surgical procedure involving bone cutting and reshaping to repair damaged joints or correct deformities.

Bandile Mbere leg surgery
Bandile Mbere’s leg surgery-Image Source@imzansi

An osteotomy is a procedure that can be necessary for individuals of various ages, not limited to the elderly or the very ill.

Celebrating Black Coffee’s Historic Triumph

In other music news, Major League DJz celebrated Black Coffee’s historic milestone at Madison Square Garden in New York. Black Coffee, a Grammy Award winner, became the first South African DJ/producer to headline this iconic arena.

The event featured several musical talents, including Bucie, Msaki, Delilah Montagu, Maxine Ashley, Monique Bingham, and Roland Clark. Black Coffee’s choice of lineup emphasized their significant roles in his musical journey.

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