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In a significant development, Police Minister Bheki Cele disclosed that renowned rapper AKA’s killer has been identified. The revelation was made during a press conference held on Monday, providing an essential update on the ongoing investigation into the tragic death of Kiernan Forbes.

Confirmed Identity of AKA’s Shooter

Minister Bheki Cele, addressing the media, emphasized that the person responsible for pulling the trigger has been positively identified. Despite this breakthrough, the assailant remains at large, prompting intensified efforts to apprehend them. According to reports from the Daily Sun, Minister Cele stated that endeavours are underway to bring the perpetrator to justice.

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Evidence Recovery: Getaway Vehicle and Firearm Linked to AKA’s Shooting

AKA-Image Source@Twitter
AKA-Image Source@Twitter

Bheki Cele highlighted the importance of conducting a meticulous investigation rather than hastily arresting and releasing a suspect. He revealed that law enforcement has successfully recovered the getaway vehicle and the firearm utilized in AKA’s shooting. Additionally, individuals connected to the case are currently in custody for unrelated offences.

“Thorough work needs to be done, of which some ground has been really covered. The getaway car has been found, and the gun has been found. There are people who we know where they are, some of them in custody for other cases,” Minister Cele stated.

Minister Cele Urges Patience, Emphasizing Comprehensive Investigation

Recognizing the high-profile nature of the case, Minister Cele stressed the necessity for a comprehensive investigation process. He cautioned against rushing the arrest process, citing the potential risk of compromising the integrity of the investigation’s outcome.

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“What we know is that it’s a high-profile case. If we grab anyone without proper investigation and we let that person go, or the court says we didn’t do our work again, it will be a big story,” he cautioned.

Responding to criticisms directed at law enforcement, Minister Cele assured the public that the investigation is diligently underway. Expressing empathy for the South African people seeking answers and closure, he pledged that the responsible individual would be apprehended and held accountable for their actions.

“The person who killed AKA will be arrested, and the South Africans will be answered when the time comes. We do love that it might be a bit earlier, but that doesn’t mean we must do a harsh…harsh work so that we don’t finalize a proper outcome,” affirmed Minister Cele.



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