MacG with crocs in New York-Image Source@InstagramMacG with crocs in New York-Image Source@Instagram

MacG’s Fashion Faux-Pas: Wearing Crocs in New York

Famous South African podcaster Macgyver “MacG” Mukwevho is currently facing heavy criticism on social media due to his recent fashion choice. Despite his success with his popular podcast, Podcast and Chill with MacG, it seems that his fashion sense has missed the mark. During a trip to New York alongside fellow celebrities DJ Tira and Dineo Ranaka, MacG made a bold decision to wear Crocs.

On Twitter, hundreds of users expressed their surprise and confusion as to why such a high-profile personality would opt for “house shoes” during an international trip. Some even went as far as calling him “cheap” for his choice.

MacG-Image Source@Instagram
MacG-Image Source@Instagram

MacG: A Renowned Podcaster

MacG has earned his reputation as one of the biggest podcasters in South Africa. Over the years, he has interviewed various celebrities, including Teko Modise, Sizwe Dhlomo, and Cyan Boujee. He has even engaged in conversations with prominent politicians such as Julius Malema and Herman Mashaba. Despite his success, MacG has maintained his down-to-earth demeanor, both in his interviews and personal style.

The Crocs Controversy

However, MacG’s recent choice of footwear has ignited a wave of mockery on social media. Viral photos of him hanging out with DJ Tira in New York depict him wearing a comfortable outfit accompanied by a pair of Crocs. These images have led many to label him as a cheapskate.

“MacG is a minimalist, actually a cheapskate, yerrr!! 🤔 Rocking Crocs in New York City,” one Twitter user criticized him.

Defending the Crocs

While some echoed this sentiment, others came to MacG’s defense, pointing out that Crocs are not necessarily cheap shoes.

“It seems like MacG is living his best life without caring about what anyone thinks! Wearing Crocs in New York might be considered a fashion faux-pas, but if they are comfortable, who cares? Besides, minimalism is a popular trend these days, so he might actually be ahead of the curve,” one supporter wrote.

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