MacG Scores A New Sponsor

Podcaster and former YFM DJ, Mac G has scored a sponsorship deal with Studio 88!

MacG of Podcast and Chill with Macg has also seen a huge increase with subscribers as he’s gained more than 9k subscribers since he was canceled by Old Mutual.

 According to entertainment commentator, his channel is getting 600 average daily subscribers.

Fans of the podcaster who call themselves, “Chillers” have congratulated MacG and have called the cancellation of Old Mutual and the suspension of SupaBets a blessing in disguise. 

Here are a few reactions from his fans:

“I’m one of those 4000 new subs” 

“MacG was sitting in his corner there, away from the lime light enjoying his time with people who understood him and his content. Someone decided to come after him kanti they are giving him more airtime. He must finish them.” 

“This is what I want for everyone attacked by black Twitter. When they pray for your downfall, soar higher than the eagles. We all make mistakes, why must you pay for your error with your bread? It’s already so hard to make a decent living in SA. No one must lose their jobs.”

“When South Africa eventually starts to respect Queer people, we will remember this.” 

MacG was also canceled by Mzansi celebs who called him out for his homophobic comments and for dragging another podcaster, Thando Thabethe.

MacG tweeted to the actress: “stick to posting nudes on Instagram” because your podcast numbers are “horrible”. 

MacG trolled Thando Thabethe’s podcast which has 3k subscribers and told her to stick to posting nudes on Instagram.

He also slammed Mzansi celebrities for keeping quiet when DJ Fresh and Euphonik were trending when a woman accused them of raping her.

He said Thando and the other celebrities should’ve also called out Fresh and told her to be consistent.


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