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MacGuyver Mukhwevo, famously known as MacG, has recently sparked controversy by casting doubt on the success of South African singer Tyla Seethal and her hit single, “Water.”

Breaking Records with “Water”

Tyla, the talented South African songstress, is currently basking in the glory of her track “Water.” The song initially garnered significant attention on the social media giant TikTok, where her challenge went viral and created quite a sensation.

Just a few days ago, Tyla unveiled the official music video for “Water,” and it has already shattered streaming records across the globe.

MacG’s Controversial Claims

Despite Tyla Seethal’s undeniable success, MacG, co-host of the popular Podcast and Chill, has raised questions about the authenticity of her achievements. During a recent episode of the podcast, he expressed his belief that another South African artist, Sho Madjozi, should have attained similar levels of fame.

MacG went on to assert that Tyla’s impressive numbers are artificially inflated. In his words, “That should have been Sho Madjozi. So what happened is, Sho Madjozi was in a relationship with her videographer, a white gentleman, and when they separated, this videographer began dating Tyla. Subsequently, he started directing her music videos and even facilitated her journey to America.”

MacG’s Controversial Statement on Tyla’s Success

MacG’s skepticism about Tyla Seethal’s rapid rise to stardom is evident in his recent comments. He argues that the success of “Water” could have been rightfully attributed to Sho Madjozi, a respected artist in her own right.

According to MacG, the twist in the story occurred when Sho Madjozi’s romantic relationship with her videographer ended. This videographer subsequently became involved with Tyla Seethal and played a pivotal role in her music career’s transformation. Tyla’s meteoric rise was, in MacG’s view, influenced by this fortuitous connection.

MacG’s Controversial Take on Tyla’s Numbers

MacG doesn’t hold back in expressing his suspicion that the impressive numbers surrounding Tyla Seethal’s “Water” are not entirely genuine. He suggests that the success story might have looked quite different if not for the romantic entanglements of key individuals involved in the music industry.

In his view, the union of a videographer, Sho Madjozi, and Tyla Seethal played a pivotal role in elevating Tyla’s career. This perspective calls into question the authenticity of her achievements and the rapid rise of “Water” to the top of the charts.

Despite the controversy stirred by MacG’s claims, one cannot deny the remarkable impact that “Water” has had on the music scene, leaving fans and critics alike in awe of Tyla Seethal’s undeniable talent.

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