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Lynn Forbes Roped in Heated Twitter Drama After Kairo’s Joburg Day Performance

A Twitter storm has erupted, and this time, it involves Lynn Forbes, the mother of AKA, embroiled in a heated dispute over her granddaughter, Kairo Forbes.

Kairo Forbes’ Emotional Performance at Joburg Day Festival

On September 3, 2023, the Galaxy 947 Joburg Day witnessed an emotional moment as Kairo Forbes took to the stage. The event featured performances by K.O, Khuli Chana, Yanga Chief, Thato Saul, Da L.E.S., and The Mega Band, all paying tribute to her late father, AKA, who tragically lost his life in February 2023.

Kairo, just 8 years old, bravely grasped the microphone and sang along to her dad’s song, “Company.” However, her emotions overwhelmed her, and tears streamed down her face in front of her grandparents and the thousands of spectators who gathered for the festival.

DJ Zinhle, who was deeply moved by Kairo’s performance, shared her feelings on Instagram, stating, “After bravely performing her dad’s song in front of thousands of people, my 8-year-old broke down crying, saying she just misses her daddy & wishes he was here.”

AKA, Kairo Forbes
[Image: Screenshot/Instagram/Kairo Forbes]

Lynn Forbes on Twitter Drama Controversy and Accusations

While many found Kairo’s moment on stage touching, controversy erupted online. Some individuals accused the Forbes family of exploiting AKA’s memory for attention and profit, igniting a fierce debate.

Staunch AKA supporters on Twitter also found themselves divided over Kairo Forbes’ performance. Some argued that Kairo, at her young age, should not be exposed to such public events, while others believed that she was simply paying tribute to her father through his songs.

Lynn Forbes Sets the Record Straight

Amidst the heated online discourse, Lynn Forbes, AKA’s mother, decided to step in and provide clarity. She explained passionately, “Kairo didn’t say, ‘I WANT to perform at Joburg Day.’ She said, ‘I’m GOING TO perform at Joburg Day. I don’t want anyone to go on stage with me. I’m going to sing my daddy’s voice by myself.’ It sat well with her. She cried. She is very proud of herself. No one forced her.”

Furthermore, Lynn Forbes revealed that Kairo chose her outfit for the Metro Awards, emphasizing that Kairo’s decisions were driven by her preferences and not influenced by external pressures.

In a humorous twist, Lynn Forbes later posted on Twitter, pretending that Kairo herself expressed her feelings, “A normal childhood? My mom is a whole DJ Zinhle, and my dad is the SupaMega🙄. It’s enough now Glammy. Go back to I.G. 🙈✌🏽”

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