L'vovo Derrango-Image Source@InstagramL'vovo Derrango-Image Source@Instagram

L’vovo Derrango Withdraws from Cotton Fest Durban Due to Doctor’s Orders

L’vovo Derrango, the renowned musician, has regretfully withdrawn from performing at the highly anticipated Cotton Fest Durban. The festival, which combines music and lifestyle, was scheduled to take place on July 2 at the outer fields of Kings Park Stadium. L’vovo’s doctor has advised him to prioritize his recovery, necessitating this decision.

Health Setback and Recovery

In December 2022, shortly after concluding a performance in KZN, L’vovo experienced a minor stroke and was promptly hospitalized. Following the incident, he took an extended break from work to focus on recuperation. According to his doctor, he could potentially resume his activities in September.

L'vovo Derrango-Image Source@Instagram
L’vovo Derrango-Image Source@Instagram

A Message of Apology

L’vovo expressed his sincere apologies to his fans and the organizers of Cotton Fest through a statement conveyed to TshisaLIVE. He conveyed his desire to have made a triumphant comeback from his health setback at the festival. The past few months have been immensely challenging for him, with his life flashing before his eyes. However, he drew strength from the unwavering support he received from his fans, family, and friends.

Despite the anticipation and excitement surrounding Cotton Fest, L’vovo’s health remains the top priority. He maintained close communication with his doctor to assess his condition thoroughly. After extensive discussions, they jointly decided that it would be best for him not to perform at the event this weekend. L’vovo deeply regrets any inconvenience caused and hopes for an opportunity to participate in the festival once he has fully recovered.

L'vovo Derrango-Image Source@Instagram
L’vovo Derrango-Image Source@Instagram

Looking to the Future

The artist’s withdrawal from Cotton Fest Durban serves as a reminder of the significance of health and well-being. L’vovo’s decision highlights the importance of prioritizing recovery and returning to work only when fully prepared.

As his fans eagerly await his full recovery, they can rest assured that L’vovo will strive to make a strong comeback. Although he won’t be part of this year’s Cotton Fest, he looks forward to a future opportunity to grace the festival stage.

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