Luxury On The Run: The Shocking Story Of Dr. Nandipha’s Abandoned R1.35 Million Car in Zimbabwe

The story of one of South Africa’s most notorious criminal escapes continues to unfold in increasingly astonishing ways.

Recently uncovered details suggest that Thabo Bester, a convicted rapist and murderer, and Dr. Nandipha Magudumana may have fled to Zimbabwe.

Bester had successfully escaped from prison in May 2022 by faking his own death, and subsequently sought refuge with Magudumana, a well-known celebrity doctor.

Together, they enjoyed a life of opulence, renting no fewer than five luxurious mansions in Johannesburg.

However, new information has emerged regarding their activities prior to their extravagant lifestyle.

According to a report by IOL, it has been revealed that Thabo Bester’s accomplices, who were responsible for helping him escape from the Mangaung Maximum Prison, had attempted to smuggle him into Zimbabwe after the elaborate jailbreak.

The group reportedly engaged in a fierce exchange of gunfire with soldiers at the Beitbridge Border Post, managing to evade them and escape into Zimbabwe on foot.

They remained in hiding in Zimbabwe for some time, before eventually making their way back to South Africa, where Bester reunited with Dr. Nandipha, his former accomplice and lover.

Recent developments suggest that Zimbabwe may be the new hiding place for the fugitives, adding to the already shocking revelations surrounding their criminal escapades.

Newly obtained videos by The Citizen appear to show that Dr. Nandipha may have abandoned a new car in Zimbabwe earlier this year.

The footage, which is believed to be around two months old, reportedly shows Dr. Nandipha admitting to private investigators from a car dealership that she had defaulted on repaying the debt for the vehicle.

The car in question is said to be a Mercedes-Benz AMG E63, which Dr. Nandipha had purchased in 2022 for a whopping R1.35 million.

According to the private investigator, the car was traced to Zimbabwe.

In the video, Dr. Nandipha reportedly claimed that a partner was responsible for repaying the debt on the car, but she refused to disclose the person’s identity when asked if it was her husband.

At the time of the video, Thabo Bester’s fake death and subsequent escape had not yet been uncovered.

According to reports, the car dealership in question possesses additional footage which allegedly shows Dr. Nandipha crossing the Beitbridge Border Post into Zimbabwe.

Border officials became suspicious after discovering that the car had false Zimbabwean number plates.

It is said that Dr. Nandipha managed to evade the officials and fled on foot back into South Africa.

Following the discovery of the car with false Zimbabwean number plates, officials impounded the vehicle and demanded payment of US$80,000 (equivalent to approximately R1.4 million) before releasing it.

The ongoing connections to Zimbabwe in the saga of Thabo Bester and Dr. Nandipha raise
questions about their current whereabouts and whether their interest in Zimbabwe is merely an attempt to throw off the authorities.

Only time will tell if these new details provide any meaningful clues to the ongoing manhunt for the fugitives.

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