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Lunga Shabalala Responds To Harassment Claims By Thando Thabethe 

Without wasting a moment, Lunga Shabalala swiftly fired back in response to the leaked court documents that exposed Thando Thabethe’s application for an interim protection or restraining order against him.


On Wednesday, 7 June, Lunga Shabalala took to Instagram Story and posted a cryptic quote that read: “The truth never gets old.”

While it is not explicitly stated, it is possible that his post was indirectly alluding to Thando Thabethe’s version of events or the allegations made against him.

However, without further clarification from Lunga himself, it remains open to interpretation.

Despite their separation, Thando Thabethe and Lunga Shabalala can still be seen together on her reality show, “Unstoppable Thabooty,” which was filmed last year and airs on BET Africa.

In a court document seen by City Press, Thando Thabethe expressed her fear that Lunga Shabalala had continued to “harass” her. This, despite their low-key split last October.

She wrote:

“Mr Shabalala has exhibited strange behaviour, including following me and breaking into my house… 

“I fear for my safety as I do not know how he will react once the show is aired. He is constantly stalking and harassing me, and I don’t want the situation to escalate”.

Thando went on to detail several alarming incidents regarding Lunga Shabalala, including:

  • “March 3 2023: Mr Shabalala could not reach me and therefore tailgated into my complex under the guise of fetching his belongings. Upon realising I was not home, he called my best friend numerous times and went on to ask her for the location of my work engagement.
  • “May 5: Mr Shabalala arrived at my place of work; followed me to my car.
  • “May 12: Mr Shabalala once again followed me from work to a nearby restaurant.
  • “On another occasion, I went to Durban. He got upset, feeling he needed to know who I was travelling with.”
  • “He is constantly creating situations that will have us in communication. He has also communicated instances where he watches my lights go off (sic).”


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