Prince Bulo-Image Source@InstagramPrince Bulo-Image Source@Instagram

Love Heist: Prince Bulo Faces Legal Action for Swindling and Dumping Girlfriend

Popular producer Prince Bulo is currently entangled in a legal battle with his ex-girlfriend, Sinethemba Mbuyazi, a renowned chef. Sinethemba, also known as Sne Cooks, has made shocking allegations against Bulo, accusing him of swindling her out of thousands of rands and abruptly ending their year-long relationship.

Sinethemba alleges that Bulo deceived her into covering his rent, buying groceries for him, giving him pocket money, and even surrendering her iPhone, which he has yet to return. One of the most troubling accusations is that he forged a letter from his landlord in January 2023, demanding R23,000 in rent. When Sinethemba could only contribute half of the amount, an infuriated Prince Bulo abruptly broke up with her.

Sinethemba Mbuyazi Takes Legal Action Against Prince Bulo

Prince Bulo-Image Source@Instagram
Prince Bulo-Image Source@Instagram

Frustrated and determined to seek justice, Sinethemba has enlisted the help of lawyers to recover her expenses from Bulo. She served him with a formal letter of demand, requesting R22,628, giving him a 14-day ultimatum from the previous Thursday to settle the debt or face legal consequences.

The letter, which has been obtained by Sunday World, points out that Bulo consistently ignored Sinethemba’s payment requests, despite numerous attempts to contact him via WhatsApp. Bulo has neither responded to the letter nor made any payments, and he has refrained from making any public statements regarding the allegations.

The Backstory: How the Relationship Between Sinethemba and Bulo Began

Sinethemba disclosed that she initially connected with Bulo on Facebook in August 2022 when he commented on her cooking page. Their relationship swiftly progressed, with Bulo openly expressing his love for her and sharing his financial troubles. Sympathetic to his plight, Sinethemba offered assistance to her partner, who claimed he was facing financial difficulties due to a fallout with his boss, DJ Tira, and the imminent eviction from his apartment.

However, Sinethemba gradually started feeling exploited and betrayed by Bulo, who consistently concocted reasons to extract money from her. She described reaching a breaking point in January when Bulo inquired about her available funds and presented her with a falsified email from his landlord. Despite giving him R10,000, he abruptly ended their relationship shortly thereafter.

In light of these events, Sinethemba is seeking restitution from Bulo, including the return of her iPhone, a sincere apology for the deception and emotional distress caused, and the repayment of the money owed.

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