Rosemary Ndlovu-Image Source@TwitterRosemary Ndlovu-Image Source@Twitter

‘Looks can kill’ Rosemary Ndlovu’s Chilling Stare In Court Goes Viral

Rosemary Ndlovu, the notorious Tembisa South policewoman turned serial killer, made an appearance at the Kempton Park Magistrates Court on Thursday, 6 July. This time, she appeared alongside her co-accused, Nomusa Mudau, on charges of conspiracy to commit another murder. Ndlovu, convicted of killing her lover and five family members, had her former colleague’s husband, Justice, on her hitlist.

Chilling Stare in Court

Rosemary Ndlovu appeared alone in the dock, as her co-accused Nomusa was unable to attend due to illness. Both individuals have pleaded “not guilty” to the charges brought against them. During the court proceedings, Ndlovu gave two witnesses, Nomusa’s husband Justice and one of the hired hitmen Jabulani Mtshali, a long and cold stare, capturing the attention of those present in the courtroom.

Watch Rosemary Ndlovu’s chilling stare below:

Rosemary Ndlovu’s Murderous Spree

Rosemary Ndlovu, once a Tembisa South policewoman, was responsible for the deaths of six people, including her partner Maurice Mabaso. Her victims were targeted for fraudulent life insurance policies she had taken out on them. In 2021, Ndlovu was sentenced to six concurrent life terms for the murders, as well as an additional 30 years for fraud and incitement to commit murder. She was also found guilty of the attempted murder of her mother, sister, and sister’s five children.

Investigation and Arrest

Rosemary Ndlovu-Image Source@Twitter
Rosemary Ndlovu-Image Source@Twitter

The investigating officer, Sergeant Keshi Mabundla, revealed that Rosemary Ndlovu had been on a killing spree between 2012 and 2018. Each family member had multiple insurance policies taken out in their name, with Ndlovu listed as the beneficiary. These policies were acquired shortly before their brutal and mysterious deaths. Ndlovu was apprehended after the hitmen she had hired tipped off the police.

Showmax Docu-Series Breaks Records

The docu-series titled “Rosemary’s Hitlist” has garnered significant attention, setting a new record for the most first-day views of any documentary series on Showmax. Produced by IdeaCandy, the same team behind the true-crime sensation “Devilsdorp” in 2021, the series delves into the shocking crimes committed by Rosemary Ndlovu.

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