Londie London and her kids-Image Source@InstagramLondie London and her kids-Image Source@Instagram

Londie London’s Son’s Paternity Results Shake the Internet

It never rains but pours for former Real Housewives Of Durban star Londie London who has hit hard times.

The reality television star was rumoured to be struggling to make ends meet after she left her husband, Hlubi Nkosi, who is a successful businessman from KZN, last year. Hlubi was said to have demanded DNA tests on their son as he suspected the child was not his.

Paternity Results Revealed: Hlubi Not the Father

According to a famous gossip blogger, Popconroomrsa, the DNA results are out, and they prove that Hlubi is not the father. A source close to the reality star is rumoured to have shared the paternity results with the blog.

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Hlubi Nkosi and his son-Image Source@Instagram
Hlubi Nkosi and his son-Image Source@Instagram

Marriage Troubles: Londie’s Ultimatum

Londie London and Hlubi Nkosi’s marriage hit the rocks after the businessman informed her that he wanted to take a second wife. She flat-out refused to be in a polygamous marriage and left Hlubi’s luxurious Durban home.

According to the source, Londie had given Hlubi an ultimatum to choose her or the other woman, and she lost.

“Hlubi wanted to take a second wife, but Londie refused. She told him to choose between her and the other woman, and Hlubi chose the other woman,” the source told ZiMoja.

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Londie London’s Paternity and DNA Test Results Request

Londie London and Hlubi in happier times-Image Source(Instagram)
Londie London and Hlubi in happier times-Image Source(Instagram)

There are also reports that Hlubi Nkosi doubts the paternity of their oldest child and has requested a DNA test. The source suggested that Hlubi suspects the oldest is the late DJ Sumbody’s child.

“Hlubi suspects that the baby is the late famous DJ who recently died after being shot. This has been causing so much tension between the two. Things are tough, but she is pushing and even does events in eMalahleni now,” said the source.

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