Londie London, Hlubi Nkosi and Mawhoo-Source@InstagramLondie London, Hlubi Nkosi and Mawhoo-Source@Instagram

Londie London’s Ex Hlubi Nkosi Moves On With New Girlfriend

South African Twitter “investigators” have recently sparked speculation about a potential undercover couple, KwaZulu-Natal businessman Hlubi Nkosi and local singer “Mawhoo.” Screenshots circulating online show the two seemingly on the same flight out of South Africa. Despite Mawhoo denying any association with Hlubi, keen observers have pointed out several clues, including their plane seats and a recognizable passenger behind them.

Upon discovering the pictures, many have criticized Hlubi for pursuing relationships with younger women. Meanwhile, others have targeted Mawhoo, accusing her of accepting the leftovers from Hlubi’s previous relationship with Londie London.

Hlubi Nkosi and his son-Image Source@Instagram
Hlubi Nkosi and his son-Image Source@Instagram

Gossip blogger Musa Khawula also added fuel to the fire by sharing the speculation on his timeline. In a caption accompanying the “evidence,” he stated, “struggling artist Mawhoo is on an international trip with what used to be Londie London’s fiancé Hlubi Nkosi.”

Despite the mounting evidence, Mawhoo took to Instagram and vehemently denied any romantic involvement with Hlubi.

Mzansi Weighs In

The denial from Mawhoo did little to dissuade public opinion, as many are convinced that there is more to the story. Numerous individuals flocked to the comment section, expressing their disbelief at the alleged couple and criticizing the significant age difference between Hlubi and Mawhoo.

Londie London and Hlubi in happier times-Image Source(Instagram)
Londie London and Hlubi in happier times-Image Source(Instagram)

“Isn’t she too young for Hlubi?” questioned one person, while another commented, “I can’t believe you ladies allow these 45-year-old men, who wear crossbody bags, near you just for the sake of designer items and Instagram content.”

It seems that South African Twitter investigators have once again managed to stir up curiosity and speculation surrounding the alleged undercover couple. As the online buzz continues, only time will reveal the truth behind Hlubi Nkosi and Mawhoo’s relationship.

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