Londie London and Mabonga-Image Source@InstagramLondie London and Mabonga-Image Source@Instagram

Londie London Shows Off Boyfriend In First Public Appearance Together

Reality star Londie London and her new boyfriend Mabonga are deeply in love and not afraid to show it. After keeping their relationship private for months, the couple made their first public appearance at Floyd Mayweather Jr’s fundraising dinner.

Londie London Shares Pictures on Instagram


London shared pictures from the event on her Instagram account, revealing that it was more of a date night for her. The pictures quickly spread on social media, with South Africans sharing their mixed reactions. Some were impressed with her new love life, while others criticized her for using men for survival.

Mabonga’s Lavish Gifts

After a nasty breakup with Hlubi Nkosi, the former Real Housewives of Durban star announced her new line of business and showed off her new lavish home. She also flaunted her new BMW, a gift from her new boyfriend Mabonga, who is rumoured to be a scammer. Mabonga went even further by purchasing another BMW for Londie London.

Londie London and Mabonga’s Past Love Life

Mabonga is no stranger to making headlines with his love life. He has been reported to have dated several ‘IT’ girls and influencers over the years, including fitness bunny and reality TV star Sbahle Mpisane.

Londie London, on the other hand, has been engaged to Hlubi Nkosi who is a businessman. The two got engaged and share two sons between them. After their breakup, Hlubi was said to not have been taking care of his children financially and was said to be demanding a paternity test on one of them.

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