Londie London-Image Source(Instagram)Londie London-Image Source(Instagram)

Londie London Receives New BMW Car from Her New Lover

In a surprising turn of events, Londie London, the popular star, recently received a brand new white BMW car from her new lover, Mabonga. This exciting gift comes shortly after she showcased her new house to her followers. Londie took to her Instagram stories to share the news of her lavish gifts with her fans.

Londie London couldn’t contain her excitement and promptly expressed her gratitude to her lover in a heartfelt video captioned, “Thank you, my love.” The display of affection from Londie highlighted the strong bond between the couple.

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Warnings Surrounding Her New Lover

While Londie is overjoyed with her new possessions, there have been reports suggesting caution regarding her new lover. It is alleged that he is involved in fraudulent activities, scamming unsuspecting individuals for a living. This revelation has raised concerns among her well-wishers who worry about her involvement with such a person.

Londie London new car-Image Source@Instagram
Londie London new car-Image Source@Instagram

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New Car Creates Buzz

The news of Londie London’s new car has ignited a buzz among her fans and the public. What makes it even more intriguing is that the car is the same model that her former husband, Hlubi Nkosi, had seized from her in the past. The striking similarities have added a twist to the story, leading to further discussions and speculations.

Insight into Her Broken Engagement

In a recent interview, Londie London shed light on the reasons behind her broken engagement with the father of her two children. She revealed that the relationship took a dark turn as her former partner gradually changed his behavior. According to Londie, the initial support and dedication he had shown her faded away, leaving her feeling unsupported and alone in their shared aspirations.

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“So many things happened. When you started off as a consistent man. A man who was supportive, a man who did whatever it took to make your woman happy and you stop doing those things, what is going to happen? It got to a point where the relationship was very dark for me. There was no support. He was still living his bachelor life and I had plans alone, when we had the plans together,” she said.

Londie London and Hlubi in happier times-Image Source(Instagram)
Londie London and Hlubi in happier times-Image Source(Instagram)

Londie clarified that the engagement ended not due to infidelity or the involvement of another woman but rather due to a fundamental misalignment of their aspirations. She expressed her disappointment in her former partner’s change in behavior, feeling that he had become dishonest and distant. As a result, she had to put her music career on hold and dedicate herself to motherhood while feeling unsupported by her partner.

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