Londie London-Image Source(Instagram)Londie London-Image Source(Instagram)

Londie London Picks Up a New Set of Wheels: Putting Haters to Rest

Londie London, the popular reality TV star and singer, recently silenced all her haters by sharing an exciting video of herself picking up a brand new set of wheels. Back in January, she became the talk of the town when rumors started circulating about her driving a Toyota Tazz and speculation arose regarding the car’s ownership. There were rumors that the father of her children, businessman Hlubi Nkosi, had taken back the car he bought for her.

A New Car from Her New Partner

In a recent post on her Instagram stories, Londie hinted that her new partner had gifted her a new car. She shared an image of herself at a car dealership with the caption, “Thank you, my love.” This fueled excitement and curiosity among her fans and followers.

Driving Her New Car: It’s in Her Name

Just a few days ago, Londie posted a video on Sunday, proudly driving her new car out of the dealership. She made it clear that this time, the car was in her name. In the video, she can be heard saying, “Forever mine. It’s in my name this time.” This statement indicates that she now has full control and ownership of her new wheels.

Londie London new car-Image Source@Instagram
Londie London new car-Image Source@Instagram

Londie London’s Past Car Troubles

During an interview with L-Tido, Londie spoke openly about her previous car troubles. She revealed that she had no control over the use of the car that was gifted to her by her former partner. She mentioned that Hlubi would often take the car whenever she was in Johannesburg. Londie explained, “Yes, there were certain rules he was trying to play in terms of the car situation, but obviously we were not together. I was at a Remy Martin event, and when I walked out, the car was not there. It wasn’t the first time the car was taken from me, so I told the guard to keep a close eye on it.”

The Breakup and its Impact

Londie London and Hlubi in happier times-Image Source(Instagram)
Londie London and Hlubi in happier times-Image Source(Instagram)

Londie also opened up about what led to the breakup of her engagement. She shared that initially, her partner was supportive and consistent. However, over time, he changed, and it had a significant effect on their relationship. She said, “So many things happened. When you start off with a consistent man who is supportive and does whatever it takes to make you happy, and then he stops doing those things, what do you think will happen? The relationship became very dark for me. There was no support, and he was still living his bachelor life while I was left to make plans alone.”

Despite the challenges she faced, Londie London has emerged stronger and more determined. With her new set of wheels, she is ready to embrace the future and leave the negativity behind.

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