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Lloyiso Faces Accusations of Homophobia After Sam Smith Comparison

Idols SA alum LLoyiso started the week on a high as he received praise from internationally recognised R&B superstar Chris Brown. The soulful singer-songwriter with an angelic voice was thrilled with the recognition. However, a recent social media post that initially garnered applause has now led to Lloyiso trending for all the wrong reasons.

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Lloyiso Accused of Homophobia after Sam Smith Comparison Diss

In 2019, English singer-songwriter Sam Smith made their debut performance in South Africa. Lloyiso, who aspired to open for Sam, showcased his talent by singing his own rendition of Smith’s hit single “Pray” in an attempt to secure the opportunity. Although Lloyiso did not get the chance, the comparison between him and Sam Smith continued to exist in the public’s perception due to his growing presence on YouTube and musically.

Following Lloyiso’s reaction to Chris Brown’s co-sign, a follower commented on the post, suggesting that Lloyiso was like the South African version of Sam Smith. While this comment may have seemed innocent to most, Lloyiso surprised everyone with his response, warning the follower that he would block them.

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His response quickly gained traction, as Twitter users expressed confusion over his reaction, unless Lloyiso believed that he was being outed. Lloyiso attempted to clarify that it was the “like” part of the comment that he disagreed with. He no longer wanted to be “like” Sam Smith; instead, he was inspired by Sam Smith’s career trajectory. However, his previous 2019 post contradicted this claim, causing some to assume that Lloyiso was now offended by the change in Sam Smith’s image and wanted to distance himself from any association with the LGBTIQ+ community.


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