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Makhadzi Leaves Open Mic: What Really Happened?

South African musician, Makhadzi, has recently been in the spotlight due to her departure from record label Open Mic. While her official statement regarding the matter seemed amicable, things quickly took a turn as she took to Twitter to voice her grievances against the label. As it turns out, this isn’t the first time Makhadzi has been deceived by a recording label or management deal.

The Truth Behind Makhadzi’s Departure from Open Mic

Makhadzi signed a three-year deal with Open Mic, during which she dropped four albums, some of which reached platinum status. Despite this success, she claims that she never received any royalties for her sales. She also alleges that she was never given a copy of her contract, despite repeated requests to do so.

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Master KG and Makhadzi in happier times
Master KG and Makhadzi-Image Source(Instagram)

This wasn’t the first time Makhadzi had experienced such treatment. However, the public seemed less than sympathetic towards her plight, given her wealth. Instead, they suggested that she should have sought legal help instead of asking for public sympathy yet again.

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Leaked Audio Confirms Makhadzi’s Allegations

As the controversy unfolded, leaked audio surfaced of Makhadzi confronting Open Mic’s Managing Director, Nkateko Maluleka. The audio confirmed Makhadzi’s allegations, which led to further public outrage.

Makhadzi Wins Best Female Artist at Metro FM Awards

Despite the ongoing controversy, Makhadzi managed to win the Best Female Artist trophy at the recent Metro FM Awards 2023. However, audio of her confronting Open Mic’s Managing Director surfaced during the event.

It is unclear whether Makhadzi is still upset about the matter, given her jovial appearance during the MMA2023 following her viral moment shortly after winning her award.

In conclusion, Makhadzi’s departure from Open Mic has shed light on the exploitative practices of some recording labels and management deals in the music industry. It is essential for artists to have access to their contracts and receive fair compensation for their work.

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