Limpopo Horror: Robbers Steal Corpse, Desecrate Grave In Chilling Heist

A family in Limpopo is shocked beyond belief after finding out that robbers have vandalized their loved one’s grave and taken the body.

The deceased, Modike Phillemon Masedi from the Mopani District, passed away on January 15th, 2022 and was laid to rest on January 22nd, 2022.

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According to a SowetanLIVE report, Phillemon’s relatives went to visit his grave at a cemetery in Limpopo in preparation for an upcoming tombstone unveiling ceremony. They were shocked to discover that the body had been stolen and the grave desecrated.

When the relative arrived at the cemetery, she was horrified to see the state of the grave. The robbers had vandalized the site, dug up the coffin, and taken the body. The shocking sight deeply disturbed her.

The open coffin was found next to the grave and the family promptly reported the bizarre incident to the police on February 5th.

Robbers Steal Corpse And Desecrate Grave [Image: Facebook/Musa Mathebula Stories & Bagolo News]

Brigadier Motlafela Mojapelo, a spokesperson for the South African Police Service, confirmed the occurrence of the event.

“The police, upon arriving at the scene, discovered an open coffin with no corpse inside. A preliminary probe conducted at the scene established that the suspect(s) accessed the graveyard by cutting the side fence. They then dug a hole next to the grave to gain access to the coffin and stole the corpse. The motive is unknown at this stage.”

The corpse heist has divided the Masedi family and the Mokwakwaila community, as people are now accusing each other of stealing the corpse for ritual purposes.

The horrifying corpse heist evoked mixed sentiments on social media.


“Upcoming tombstone unveiling 🤔 Missing corpse🤔 I’m sorry, but this has “FAMILY” written all over it!!!!


“I wonder how many tombs are empty. Just that this one, they forgot to close the grave…”


“Ask the family who might have wanted him to be buried somewhere.”


“So one is no longer safe even in your grave. Aai, this is a sick world 🤚😳”


They are stealing kids, Corpses, sanitary pads, and shadows for rituals. What’s next ?

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