DJ Sbu's Daughter Wawa Impresses With MoFaya Sales Video

Like Father-Like Daughter| DJ Sbu’s Daughter Wawa Impresses With MoFaya Sales Video

DJ Sbu’s daughter, Wawa, creates a social media frenzy with her MoFaya sales video, capturing attention after being shared on Twitter.

The viral video showcases DJ Sbu coaching Wawa on effective sales techniques, including uplifting customer interactions and spreading cheer while selling MoFaya.

Twitter was abuzz with enthusiastic responses as tweeps expressed their admiration for DJ Sbu teaching his daughter the art of hustling at such a young age.

However, some tweeps criticized the DJ, arguing that his daughter was too young to be involved in selling MoFaya.

Despite the criticism, Wawa proves to have both the connections and a flair for marketing. In the recorded video, she impressively sold 21 MoFaya energy drinks. She confidently declared herself as an aspiring entrepreneur and a budding businesswoman.

Undoubtedly, Wawa is showing promising potential. Since the video was shared on social media, it has garnered over 27,000 views, more than 1,000 impressions, and numerous comments.

Watch the video below.


Responding to the video, many social media users admired DJ Sbu arguing that Wawa will grow up a responsible girl. Below are some of the comments on Twitter.

I love this , oh my … I hate selling anything ( okay I sell performance in alter ego ) but I’m definitely sure if my family had taught me at this age , I’d be good at it
Sbu is teaching her daughter so well, she won’t end up saying “indoda must” coz she knows how to hustle by herself. 
This is cute…shout out to Sbu for grooming the next generation for independence


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